IT in Construction

l Digital Fabrication & Intelligent Construction


l Construction Network Technology

l Construction Supply Chain Management

l VR, AR

l Construction Big Data Collection & Application

l 3D Printing Technology

l Construction Robotics




Modern Project Management

l Mega Project Management

l Construction Project Investment & Financing (including PPP)

l Construction Project Safety Management

l Construction Project Risk Management

l Construction Project Contract Management

l Construction Project Cost Management

l Construction Project Quality Management

l Construction Project Progress Management

l Construction Project Whole Life Cycle Management

l Building Economics

l Development and Reform in Building Industry




Construction Industrialization

l Building Industrialization Management and Policies

l Building Industrialization Assessment

l Building Industrialization Construction Technology

l Building Industrialization Industrial Park Planning

l Building Industrialization Information Technology

l Building Industrialization Logistics Control

l Building Industrialization Cost Management

l Building Industrialization Design, Construction Quality Inspection and Control

l Building Industrialization Business Models




Sustainable Construction

l Incentive Mechanism of Building Energy Saving and Management

l Green Building Standards & Evaluation

l Green Construction

l Construction Waste Management

l Industrial Ecology & Sustainable Construction

l Eco-city Construction & Evaluation

l Building Energy Saving Technology Development & Spread

l Existing Building Energy- saving Renovation




Urban and Real Estate

l New Type Urbanization

l Urban Renewal

l Urban Development Strategies

l Property Investment and Financing

l Housing Policies

l Land Resources Management

l Urban Governance

l Regional Economics

l Real Estate Economics

l Real Estate Planning

l Real Estate Policies